Pet Loss Counselor - Understanding Your Loss.  Helping You Heal.

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Ann, Goldie, Nimbus

Nimbus and Goldie who inspired Ann to walk
with others as they mourn their loss.

Pets are real friends and their loss causes real grief.

The loss of a beloved animal companion can be a significant event in our lives. The grief is real and often very painful. Sometimes a person's expression of grief over the loss of a pet may be met with social disapproval or minimization. We all need a safe and supportive place to grieve.

I offer support and guidance as you mourn the loss of a beloved animal companion or if you are anticipating a loss.

My commitment is to work with you as you rediscover the joy your pet brought you, the many gifts they left you and the love and kindness you shared as their human companion.

In addition to individual counseling sessions with convenient hours, I offer pet loss groups in the Albuquerque area, as well as phone sessions.

You are welcome to call or email me for a free initial consultation to determine how we can best work together on your healing journey.